Our Story

Last time we were in business together we were yabbying in a small country town and selling them to the local pub... We were doing a solid trade back then, so why not put those skills to the test a little later in life?!

We’re sisters, best buddies, and oh yeah we're both mums!

Anna is mum to little Max, a busy, train loving toddler that’s in to fist bumps, eating dirt and blowing kisses.

Laura is mum to premie twins born at 27 weeks, Mali and Kenza. These teeny bubbas weren’t exactly a planned pregnancy so you can imagine the shock when one turned into two 🤭 !!!

Mon Bébé Designs was born when Laura wanted a birth print for her little premie twins to capture the memory of how tiny they were (only 590gms and 1081gms!), but couldn't find a design she loved. So Anna decided to create one for her. Once Anna started she went all in developing the beautiful designs that are Mon Bébé Designs.

Most of this little side hustle was built whilst entertaining a busy toddler, attached to a breast pump, or during the small windows of time when the babies actually slept... but that’s life now! 😉

Anna & Laura xxx


Mon Bébé Designs cofounders Laura and Anna Hindson